History Core Courses, Fall 2019

We’ve been looking at a lot of moving pieces in the History department lately so we thought it might be helpful for you (and frankly, for us) to collect all of the History core courses in one central location.

Remember that you have to take both a History I course (1400-1800) + a History II course (1800-present) to fulfill the BC History core requirement.

  • If you scored a 4 or 5 on the AP Euro or AP World exams, congratulations: you have fulfilled the BC History core requirement. Please feel free to take a 2000-level course.
  • This list is up to date as of today, August 19. You will find the most up-to-date information via Agora.
  • This list does NOT include the Complex Problems or Enduring Questions courses (freshmen only) that are being offered as part of the core renewal. Some of those courses do indeed fulfill the History core. You can find them here.

History Core I courses (1400-1800)

Larger lecture hall courses:

  • HIST 100501 Asia in the World I (Zhang)
  • HIST 101101 Atlantic Worlds I (Stanwood)
  • HIST 105501 Globalization I (Warner)
  • HIST 107701 Globalization I (Bhagirat-Rivera)
  • HIST 108301 Globalization I (Pearson)

PLEASE NOTE: If you register for Asia in the World or Atlantic Worlds, it is not enough to register only for the lecture. You must also be registered in a discussion section (HIST 1007 for Asia in the World or HIST 1013 for Atlantic Worlds). You are not actually enrolled in the course unless you are in both the lecture and a section.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: We cannot help you switch discussion sections.

Smaller seminar-style courses:

  • HIST 182201 Core Topics: Europe from the Outside In [*freshmen only] (Matus)
  • HIST 183101 Core Topics: Colonial Latin America (Sellers-Garcia)
  • HIST 184101 Core Topics: When Worlds Collide [*freshmen only] (Lyerly)

History Core II courses (1800-present)

  • HIST 109401 Modern History II (Delvaux)
  • HIST 109402 Modern History II (Delvaux)
  • HIST 109403 Modern History II (Morton)
  • HIST 109404 Modern History II (Morton)
  • HIST 109405 Modern History II (Kelly)
  • HIST 109405 Modern History II (Kelly)

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